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The Urban Backpacker's Quarterly
aka Joseph Dunphy's blog. General ramblings about life in Chicago, or wherever else I wander off to, including reviews of inexpensive places to eat at or visit.
My Homelists
Listen to me blather on about what I'm going to add to these sites. Maybe. Someday.
Practice Sessions: Joseph Dunphy's Blog
and Website Reviews on Stumbleupon. Self-explanatory - up to a point. You'll enter on a brief page explaining a little of what Stumbleupon is about, before going on to the reviews, discussions of points which arise during those reviews ...
Joseph Dunphy's Cowboy Wannabee Site
A Southwestern themed homepage, still mostly under construction, with photos and recipes from a part of the country I particularly like to visit and wish that I could afford to visit more often (the Desert Southwest).
Joseph Dunphy's Flickrgroup
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