Blogs, Leaning Slightly to the Center

Blogs, Leaning Slightly to the Center

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In case Webring Webspace is down?
The Urban Backpacker's Quarterly
aka Joseph Dunphy's new blog; mainly about lower income living in Chicago, and a few hobbies. Fair warning: It's not going to be safe reading for liberal PCers or other extremists.
Monday Never Comes / Joseph Dunphy's Soapbox
Because one blog just wasn't enough? This one is less focused on Chicago and more focused on ... everything else, I guess. My former Yahoo 360 blog, in its new home at Blogger.
The Ringmaster's Homelists
A place where you can get into contact with the ringmaster about any ring related business, and another where anybody curious about updates to his sites can go for information.
Blogs Ring Homepage
General information about this ring, including how one is to join it.

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