Blogs, Leaning Slightly to the Center

Blogs, Leaning Slightly to the Center

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An alternative, should Blogger be down.
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In case Webring Webspace is down?
The Urban Backpacker's Quarterly
aka Joseph Dunphy's new blog; mainly about lower income living in Chicago, and a few hobbies. Fair warning: It's not going to be safe reading for liberal PCers or other extremists.
Monday Never Comes / Joseph Dunphy's Soapbox
Because one blog just wasn't enough? This one is less focused on Chicago and more focused on ... everything else, I guess. My former Yahoo 360 blog, in its new home at Blogger.
The Ringmaster's Homelists
A place where you can get into contact with the ringmaster about any ring related business, and another where anybody curious about updates to his sites can go for information.

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