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Serendipity Place Webring
Homepage of the Serendipity Place webring.
From The Heart webring
Main page of webring
A Woman's Web
Webring for women's personal websites.
Crone Webring
Webring for women over the age of 50.
Ex-Geocities Webring
A ring for websites that used to be hosted by Geocities, or for people who feel nostalgic for them.
A ring for people who were born under the sign of the twin fish, from february 20 to march 20.
Domains Webring
A webring for people who own their own domains.
Sabbats Webring
A webring for people who are interested in the Sabbats.
Mother, Maiden, Crone Webring
There are three stages in a woman's life: maiden, mother and crone. In the Wheel of the Year they can be seen as Spring/Summer, Summer/Autumn and Winter. They are honoured and worshiped as the Triple Goddess: the Mother, Maiden and Crone.
A Room of One's Own Webring
A ring for women with their own websites.
Afternoon Tea Webring
Webring homepage.
Forget Me Not webring homepage
Homepage of the webring.
Yellow Rose Sisters
A webring to promote women's websites and friendship.

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